Saturday, September 1, 2012

On Our Way!!! Its quite a journey

Well, Albany ariport was friendly, relatively empty, and the plane was right on time.  I think it set in for my girls that we were really going after long hugs for daddy and waving goodbye at the security check in and heading for the gate.

 A short trip to Washington-Dulles and then a whole lot of walking and waiting and working on final computer readiness and final texts to friends and family. But I think we are happy and excited. 
We are ready to meet our friends and to do our work, and to get to know more about the people and places that are the prekracneya Altai (that word is my transliteration of the 'incredibly beautiful' or something close to it that Susy taught me yesterday at lunch!!)
Do svedanya, see you in Frankfurt or Moscva!!

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